Web Summit founder Paddy Cosgrove called tech’s current crossroads the “kind of inflection point that happens once in several lifetimes.” High-profile speakers including United Nations Secretary General Antonito Guterres and European Union’s commissioner for Competition Margarethe Vestager also took the stage on Monday and joined calls for an ethical approach that reduces inequality. Kernel founder Bryan Johnson, who has plowed $100 million into his company to “hack the human brain,” agrees we’re on the threshold of the “most consequential revolution in the history of the human race.” “The future is like a Category 5 hurricane that’s going to bear down on us with so much force the single greatest thing we can do as a species is work on our adaptability to change,” he said. The European Union’s competition commissioner Vestager, who has fined Apple $19 billion over unpaid taxes in Ireland and Google $3.6 billion for disadvantaging others with its algorithm, said the main challenge for governments is to develop the tools to keep up with the rapid pace of change. http://www.bacheldremill.co.uk/CFIDE/uggs,ugg boots outlet,

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