Spain's state prosecutor is seeking charges of rebellion and sedition against Catalan leaders involved in the region's disputed independence bid that has thrown the country into political turmoil. [url=]Cheap ugg boots[/url],The prosecutor, Jose Manuel Maza, said he was seeking charges against a range of senior Catalan figures, including deposed President Carles Puigdemont and all members of his former cabinet, after the Catalan parliament voted to issue a unilateral declaration of independence last week. The crime of rebellion carries a maximum jail sentence of 30 years.Cheap uggs Maza said the leaders had "created an institutional crisis that culminated with the declaration of unilateral independence, with total disregard for our Constitution." He said his office had filed documents with the High Court and Supreme Court, which will consider the charges. The announcement came as civil servants in Catalonia returned to work under the Spanish,ugg boots outlet, @ugg boots uk cheapest prices 542 @uggs kit 159 @uggs rain boots 550 @ugg boots uk cheapest prices 542 @ugg boots uk cheap 213